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Cambria to Cayucos, Sunday October 26th
Join Mike Brown and John Petersen for a Central Coast Paddle - Cambria to Cayucos Pier -- about 15-17 miles one way.

This area is really beautiful with a picturesque coastline and lots of pinnipeds and, I am told, a few great whites from time to time. I also have it on good authority that the scenery is worth the minor risks (there has been lots of discussion on the list re: shark bites). While this event is not sanctioned by any organization at this time the following requirements apply:

* It is open to both SOT and close deck boats.
* All paddlers should be comfortable paddling on the open sea at a minimum average of 3 kt with 15 kt winds and 3-4' seas.
* This area is known to have sudden weather changes and paddlers must be prepared to handle these changes. There are no bail-outs along the way.
* All paddlers must be capable of self rescue in case of capsize and assisting in others in case of capsize; have moderate bracing skills, have basic towing skills and capable of surf launch and landing.
* Basic safety equipment includes a PFD (to be worn at all times), a spray skirt for closed deck boats, a signal device (storm whistle), a radio would be nice and whatever else will make you more comfortable. All boats must have a bowline.
There may be two or three groups: Group 1 will be those who paddle outside the rocks and surf zone at a moderate pace; group 2 will be those who paddle in closer possibly entering rock formations, channels, etc.; group 3 will be those who paddle outside the surf zone but at a slower pace than group 1. Please note that slower does not mean less skilled; this is for high intermediate/advanced paddlers.

If there are beginners who would like to travel this area of the coast at the same time I will establish an altenate route which is shorter in length, more protected and where the potential hazards are less. I am hoping there are local Central Coast paddlers who will be interested in paddling a shorter course to accompany some of our "southern" folk.

We will not launch with winds greater than 15 kt. Safety is of paramount importance. John and I will reserve the right to deny approval for this event to anyone we believe is unprepared by training, equipment or other safety issues. Waivers may be signed. Participants are resonsible for assessing their own skill level; no one will be able to tell you what is safe or not safe for you, only you can make that decision. By participating in this event you accept responsibility for your own acts and you and your heirs and assigns will hold all others blameless in case of injury or death.

A more specific float plan and equipment list will be forthcoming.

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